Still Life With Meaning

As I search for a photography genre, I am investigating still life photography. In doing so I ran across a video by Chelsea Northrup. In it she explained that still life images usually contain items that mean something. They may have personal meaning for the photographer. So with that, my first attempt is below. The meaning of each item is:

  • Bottle of Saratoga Water

    • Symbolizes my traveling to new places near and far

    • Symbolizes the gourmet sodas, chocolate, and desserts that I like

    • Flowers

      • I love flowers, big, bold, colorful

      • Tea Cups

        • I love tea shops, high tea, tea cups, and tea, though my husband is the true tea connoissuer, I like the idea of tea 🙂

        • Camera Lenses

          • I love photography

          • But of course nothing tops the love for my husband and family.

            • Embedded in each of the items above are things that I do with my husband

The video from the Tony & Chelsea Northrup YouTube channel, Still Life Tutorial-Fine Art Photography, is below.

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