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On my recent trip to London I received much advice to help me get there. After stepping onto the airplane at Dulles, I used a few different modes of transportation to get to my hotel.I can never resist taking a picture of clouds. I just thinks its so fascinating being in the middle of clouds so please indulge me. Of course the excitement was building as I saw the result of the effort of the over 7 hour flight. Since I have never been outside of North America (does St. Croix count?), this was awesome! A friend from work suggested that I take the Heathrow Express to the Tube instead of getting a taxi. It was a great suggestion and my first exposure to European transportation. Another friend had told me that I will be hearing “Mind the Gap” whenever I am on a train and there it was. The Heathrow Express took me to Paddington Station. From there I purchased an Oyster Card (weekly) and then boarded the Tube to Tower Hill station. My other friend said that I should get an Oyster Card because it would cover the majority of my transportation. This was so true! Below are a few pictures from Paddington Station. After much carrying of baggage up and down stairs, I never found an escalator or elevators, I finally arrived at my destination, the Hotel Indigo London Tower Hill. I don’t usually post a lot of photos of hotel rooms, but in my next post I will share some on the Hotel Indigo. I loved it!

Pictures Taken 7/17/2016

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  1. OMG this was like reading my own journal from my trip to London back in 2010! MIND THE GAP was heard so often that whenever I see a photo of The Tube on tv since that trip, I actually say it out loud!Luckily for me also, when I found there were no elevators nor escalators, some really super nice guy carried my suitcase up the steps at my tube stop in Gloucester to get to my hotel. Thank God for the kindness of strangers, or else I would STILL be there trying to get that suitcase up the steps!Enjoyed looking at your photos, thanks for sharing.

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