My Summer Vacation, Part 4 of 6, Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island, home of the big homes and a town on the water. If you notice a theme, I love towns on the water! This is a special town on the water as it has a long drive around it that features areas where you can stop and watch the sun go down. Of course you have the town with shops and restaurants, a health food store, and the very very large homes.This trip to Newport was especially nice because I got to stay at the Hyatt Regency Newport on Goat Island. I have always wanted to stay there because it was on its own little island. If you were to travel with me you would know that I want to be in the center of town, on the water, and at the best hotel we can afford. Sometimes I will veer from that, but that is usually the criteria. The Hyatt on Goat Island did not disappoint us. Water all around with sailboats and yachts all around. A few pictures below will show you what we saw.

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