My Summer Vacation Part 1 of 6, Freeport, Maine

This summer my husband and I took a vacation that took us from Maryland to Maine to Rhode Island to Key West to Miami. We couldn’t take the multiple separate vacations that we might have taken due to other responsibilities. It was a great vacation and over the next few days I am going to share it with you.We departed Maryland and headed north. We stayed overnight in the nicest Marriott Courtyard in an industrial park outside of Boston. It was definitely a surprise along the way. The next morning we were to head to Portland, Maine but I told my husband that I always wanted to visit the LL Bean Headquarters in Freeport, Maine and he took me!  The LL Bean Headquarters is a series of stores that sell clothing to canoes. It was the center of a town full of outlet stores. Below are a few pictures from that journey.

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