London Hotel Indigo Tower Hill #London

Our office and also the company that I was going to visit are in the London Financial District and Shoreditch area. One of my friends recommended the Hotel Indigo London Tower Hill as it is close to both locations. I usually don’t post hotel photos because we have all been there and done that. But this hotel was special in one very big way. It was the cheapest hotel that I found on our travel site. In fact, it didn’t show up until my friend mentioned it and I searched for it on the site.It was between £109 to £189 per night. This compared to many hotels that were around £300 pounds per night made it especially attractive as a spot for business travel, but I was a little suspicious because it was the cheapest hotel on the list. :-)When I got there I was pleasantly surprised at this boutique hotel with wonderful décor. The front desk staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I appreciated their warm greetings every morning and evening.Below are some pictures of the Hotel Indigo London Tower Hill. If you ever get a chance to visit, I would truly recommend it.

Captured: 7/17/2016

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