29 Days in South Carolina: Gaffney Peachoid, Gaffney, NC

29 Days in South Carolina

Gaffney PeachGaffney Peach

Gaffney Peach

I recently spent 29 days in South Carolina with relatives after the death of a dear family member. First, I learned one major lesson, if you live in another state then other people know your relatives way better than you because they get to see the day to day personality and activities and good deeds of your relative. Am I sad about this? Well, yes but very happy to know of all of the awesome work that my uncle did during his lifetime through his art, activism, mentoring, and teaching.Second, I spent many summers in South Carolina and one of the major landmarks on the way there was the Gaffney, North Carolina Peach. The journey was always long. As I remember we would say it is 550 miles and 10 hours, back then. We would always drive and common stops were Stuckey’s for the Pecan Log and gas stations. I don’t want to turn back the hands of time, but do miss those days. It turns out that the Peach has a name, it is called the Peachoid.

The Peachoid is a 135 feet (41 m) tall water tower in Gaffney, South Carolina, U.S.A., that resembles a peach.[1] The water tower holds one million U.S. gallons (3.78541 million litres) of water and is located off Peachoid Road by Interstate 85 between exits 90 and 92 (near the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway). Usually referred to by locals as “The Peach” and by passing motorists as “Mr. Peach” or “The Moon over Gaffney”, the water tank is visible for several miles around these exits.[2]

Source: Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peachoid

Gaffney Peachoid Location

Finally, during the 29 Days in South Carolina, I photographed many interesting things which I will share over many blog posts.

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  1. Sorry for your loss.wow..1 million gallons of water?? Must be way bigger than it looks.

    1. Thanks Annie! It is quite large! That’s why it was the landmark to look for every trip, even now!

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